Estate Treasures Reflects the Mid-century
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Fri. May. 1st 10-2pm
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Sun. May 3rd 10-2pm

“Come find your treasure."

Estate Treasures Views the Lake
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Sun. May 17th 10-2pm

“Come find your treasure."


The team turns a home or business into a mini department store. Like items are gathered and creatively displayed in a clean, organized manner that makes shopping easy.

The team puts a price tag on every single item. The pricing is based on value and market expectation. Research is a big part of this determination as well as selling experience in the marketplace. Input from the client about provenance and original purchase prices is most welcome. Reserves may be added.

Estate Treasures recognizes advertising is an essential aspect of creating a successful estate sale. Success is based on sales. Deals are based on targeting the buyers for the categories of inventory in the transaction. In today’s business world it is necessary to use multiple media outlets. The internet platform is crucial. Resources include estatesales.org, facebook, craigslist, eBay and, of course, EstateTreasures.net. For direct selling, via an extensive email list of followers, we have accumulated from years in business. Never forget the continuing value of the hard copy of newspaper advertising and its’ online outlet. There is the physical bonus of directional signage. The sweet cream of advertising is “word of mouth,” our loyal followers sharing the good news of an upcoming sale. With input from the team viewing every transaction as a unique product, the team leader gets the task of advertising done.

Estate Treasures knows it is not enough to get the people to the door. The goal is to have buyers leave with merchandise in hand; this is done with a stellar team of professional salespersons…the team. With smiles, good nature and determination to create success for the client, they have honed the skill of negotiation. The team understands the goal is to sell, sell, sell.

Before a sale:
A complimentary appointment is offered for a walk through and to go over the terms of the agreement.
If extensive cleaning is needed, this can be arranged.

During a sale:
Shoppers are loaned a shopping bag to fill.
Then as items are sold, the team rearranges and keeps displays fresh. Once a purchase is made, the buyer is provided packing materials and shopping bags for comfortable carry away.

After a sale:
The client may choose to keep remains.
Estate Treasures offers the additional service for a total clear out. Vendors who do buyouts can be contacted. A BYOB/bring your bags, boxes and make bundles post-sale can be conducted at remarkably reduced prices. Scrap metal can be arranged to be picked up. Remains can be packed up. Charities can be called and met for pick up donations. A home or business can be left “broom clean.”

Estate Treasures brings closure with a detailed sales report, back up receipts for expenses, receipts for every sales transaction and, best of all, a check for profits.

Terms of a sale:
All sold as is. All sales final. No returns.
Buyer is responsible for removing purchases during a sale. The buyer must make arrangements for furniture removal during sale hours.

- Cash and credit cards are accepted.
- Pre-sales can be made via invoices from paypal.
- Owners must have home owner’s insurance policy in place.
- The seller must provide access to the home or business.
- Estate Treasures is not responsible for theft, loss or injury.
- Estate Treasures is insured against property damage.

Estate Treasures is building a service business for our home community.

Become part of this ongoing success story.