Our Team

Team testimonials:

I am sending a big thank you for your being part of the reason for another successful sale for a client. The numbers turned out very well, the client seemed well pleased, our regular customers had a good time, and we made new friends in the community. All good things. With each step forward for Estate Treasures, it is evident to me that the business is a team effort and I could not do this without your professional participation. Please, know I appreciate your contribution to our success.

Busy work does not seem like work when you enjoy what you are doing, and I do love it!! Retail is always in the veins of us old shop owner “retail diehard diva’s “ and we just do not know any better than to give nothing less than 200% for profitable results. I love the commitment of the team members, for their honesty, humor, and hard work is a winning combination and we all, of course, represent you and have your back and best interest at heart.
Beckie K

Janet, you are terrific to work for, and I always look forward to my work days. I’m glad the client recognizes what we did, and she should know that our work ethic “starts at the top”and gets passed down.

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate and value our mentor/friendship/ boss/teacher relationship. It has made such a positive difference in my life.
With Sincere and profound thanks,

It all starts with the top, my friend.
It’s my pleasure to work with you and the team members you have supporting you!

You deserve the kudos you get, Janet. We appreciate your kindness to clients and leadership!

It was such a pleasure to work with this team, and I appreciate your kind words! Watching the ”pros” is a real treat, and I learn so much every day!
Thank you all,

Always fun working with such a great group of people.